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Mechanical Governor (Device), Working

Mechanical Governor (Device), Working Principle, Types and Function of Governer. By Vivek Soni - This Governor balance the centrifugal force of the rotating Ball by equal and opposite radial for controlling force. What is CRDI - Common Rail Direct Injection In Diesel Engine, Working, Advantage and Disadvantage.

Fluid Energy Mill - Principle, Advantage,

17.11.2018· In this video, we will talk about Fluid Energy Mill and it's Working principle, Advantage, Disadvantage, Use etc. Check out this video to learn more about Fluid Energy Mill Principle

Ball Mill - Principle, Advantage, Disadvantage

27.11.2018· Ball mill Use Ball mill construction Ball mill Working We hope you will like this video. Fluid Energy Mill - Principle, Advantage, Disadvantage [Hindi] - Duration: 8:57.

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BALL MILL 3. TABLE OF CONTENT: INTRODUCTION DEFINITION BASIC PRINCIPLE CONSTRUCTION WORKING ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES APPLICATIONS EQUATIONS 4. BALL MILL INTRODUCTION: • It is efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder. • There are two types of grinding, the dry process and wet process. 5.

Sine Bar: Working Principle, Construction,

In the last session, we had discussed Marking and Measuring Tools used in Engineering Workshop. Apart from that, a detailed article on Working of Vernier Caliper was also discussed. But in today's article, we are going to study about Angular Measuring device called as Sine bar.. In this paper we are going to cover the topics like Working Principle, Construction, Limitations and other factors

What is Casting, Working Process, Advantages

This is all about what is casting, its working process, advantages, disadvantages and terminology used in casting. If you have any query regarding this article, ask by commenting. If you like this article, don't forget to share it on social networks. Subscribe our

LED - Working Principle, advantages & still

6. Have a rugged construction and hence can withstand shock and vibrations. 7. An LED has a lifespan of more than 20 years. Disadvantages: 1. A slight excess of voltage or current can damage the device. 2. The device is known to have a much wider bandwidth compared to the laser. 3. The temperature depends on the radiant output power and wavelength.

Planer Machine | Working Principle, Types,

A planer machine is a type of metal working machine that uses linear relative motion (reciprocation) between the workpiece and a single-point cutting tool to cut the work piece. A planer is very much similar to a shaper but there are some basic differences.

The operating principle of the ball mill - Primo

The disadvantages of ball mills include their considerable metal consumption and deterioration grinding media, as well as a lot of noise. Most of the energy useless lost during ball mill operation, leading to low it efficiency. But even a significant specific energy consumption for grinding material compensates beneficial effect by using mill.

Ruby Lazer - Definition,Working, Construction,

Construction and function of ruby laser is self explanatory. Disadvantages of Ruby Laser. In ruby lasers no significant stimulated emission occurs, until at least half of the ground state electrons have been excited to the Meta stable state. Efficiency of ruby laser is comparatively low.

Universal Motor - construction, working and

A universal motor is a special type of motor which is designed to run on either DC or single phase AC supply. These motors are generally series wound (armature and field winding are in series), and hence produce high starting torque (See characteristics of DC motors here). That is why, universal motors generally comes built into the device they are meant to drive.

Kaplan Turbine - its Components, Working and

Kaplan Turbine works on the principle of axial flow reaction. In axial flow turbines, the water flows through the runner along the direction parallel to the axis of rotation of the runner. The water at the inlet of the turbine possesses both kinetic energy as well as pressure energy for


Working principle and operation is simple; It does not require additional skills ; Surface finishing will be approximate 10 times better as compared to milling and turning process of machining. Dimensional accuracy will be quite good; Grinding process could be performed on

Hammer Mill: components, operating principles,

Their working and grinding actions remain similar despite the fact that their construction differs in many respects. Pharmaceutical uses of Hammer Mill. 1. It is used in pharmaceutical industries to process wet or dry granulations and disperse powder mixtures. 2. It is used in milling pharmaceutical raw materials, herbal medicine, and sugar.

Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT): Working,

Vertical-axis wind turbines were tested and used more extensively in the 1980s and 1990s because they were quieter and could operate without requiring yaw controls, regardless of the wind's direction. This section will explain the operation of vertical-axis wind turbines and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Cyclone Separator Design, Components and How

We will look at all of its main design features, how it works, advantages and disadvantages and some of its common applications. By the end of this video, you will have all the information, you need to design, maintain and even build, your own cycling separator.

What is a ball mill? What are its uses and

Energy Saving Ball Mill * Product Introduction A high efficiency and energy saving ball mill with rolling bearing * Capacity Up to 160t/h * Product Improvement Cylindrical energy saving grid ball mill is lined grooved ring plate which increases th

Colloidal Mill - Principle, Construction, Use,

15.12.2018· Colloidal Mill Construction Colloidal Mill Working Colloidal Mill Advantage Colloidal Mill Disadvantage We hope you will like this video. If you really enjoyed this video, please subscribe to this

Flow nozzle – Applications, Advantages and

🔗Differential pressure flow meter - working, applications, advantages and disadvantages 🔗Differential pressure flow meter working principle (Derivation and equation) Flow nozzle is similar to the venturi meter.Its shape provides lesser resistance to flow, and it has a higher coefficient of discharge.Moreover, it has no divergent cone for pressure recovery.

End-runner mill and Edge-runner mill: Operating

Advantages of End-runner mill and Edge-runner mill. 1. It produces fine particles. 2. Requires less attention during the milling operation. Disadvantages of End-runner mill and Edge-runner mill. 1. It is not suitable for milling sticky materials. 2. Machine noise leading to noise pollution. References. Sud Sushant and Kamath Archana (2013).

Planer Machine: Definition, Parts, Working, and

Advantages Here are the advantages of Planer Machine: Provide a better surface finish. Low maintenance. Good Accuracy; At a time 2 or 3 tools (Single Point cutting tool) are performed which is very good to get work fast. Here also the main advantage is that we can use one tool at a time. Disadvantages These are some disadvantages of Planner

Types of Industrial Valves - Applications,

3. Ball Valves. As the name suggests, ball valves are valves that use a ball to control the flow of substances from one opening to the next. These valves work by allowing the hole to be open, blocked, or open partially to regulate the flow of gas/liquid. Ball valves are the ideal choice for using with gases as they are able to offer better sealing.

V-Blender : Construction, Operation, and

The advantages and disadvantages of using the V-type blender are discussed. The V blender is one of the commonly used blenders in the pharmaceutical, and food industry. The simple design, construction, operation combined with a high mixing efficiency make this a popular blender amongst the family of tumble blenders.


which enables us to see how the Attritor fits into the family of mills. For example, ball mills use large media, normally 1/2" or larger, and run at a low (10-50) rpm. The other mills, such as sand, bead, and horizontal, use smaller media from 0.3mm to 2mm, but run at a very high rpm (roughly 800-1200).

Planer Machine: Definition, Parts, Working, and

Advantages Here are the advantages of Planer Machine: Provide a better surface finish. Low maintenance. Good Accuracy; At a time 2 or 3 tools (Single Point cutting tool) are performed which is very good to get work fast. Here also the main advantage is that we can use one tool at a time. Disadvantages These are some disadvantages of Planner